Whenever we begin a project, we know the importance of the website or web application working across an array of browsers and devices. With a vast amount of devices getting released each year and the many updates that occur to most popular browsers and handheld devices. This becomes so much more important.

Browsers and Devices we Test in

Here is a table of browsers we test for when it comes to all of our digital projects.

Operating System Browser Support
Windows Internet Explorer 9-10 Partial
Internet Explorer 11 Full
Edge Full
Google Chrome Full
Mozilla Firefox Full
MacOS Safari 9+ Full
Google Chrome Full
Mozilla Firefox Full
iOS Safari 9+ Full
Android Google Chrome Full
Samsung Internet Full
Operating System Browser Support

In the support section of the table we have used the terms full and partial.

Full support means the project will work fully on all modern browsers and devices listed.

Partial support means that it may not look 100% like the final design, mainly due to the older technologies, but it will function properly and without error, so the end user has a similar experience as any other.

Adapting to Newer Technologies

Although you may not see your device within the table above, we are more than happy to be introduced to new technologies and devices. We have taken briefs in the past where a client needs their product to work on a particular device. We have then went out and purchased that device so it becomes fully compliant for the clients product.


To sum up, we test all of our websites, web applications and digital products on all possible browsers and devices we have available to us at the time. If there is a new technology on the market, then you can rest assure that we will get our hands on it soon and begin the testing process.

First published: February 7, 2019